About the author

Tony Edwards, is a British citizen who moved to South Africa in 1976 with his family when he was two years young. He grew up in Johannesburg where he went to school, matriculating from Parktown Boys’ High School. Soon after, he moved to Cape Town to study Food Technology at the Cape Town University of Technology, where his interest in meditation began after finding a book in Transcendental Meditation at the library. During his studies at the Cape Town University of Technology he moved to Stellenbosch as part of his in-service/practical training. After completing the course in Food Technology he continued to work and live in Stellenbosch for one year. It was during this time he became overwhelmed and dissatisfied with his his career, he was looking for something, but not sure what. He came across classes in Tai Chi, where his interest in the Martial Arts began. At the end of 1999 he resigned from his job in the food industry and in 2000 he began his studies in Complementary Health Therapies in Stilbaai. In 2001 he moved back to Stellenbosch to work for himself as an entrepreneur in the field of Complementary Health Therapies in which he still practices today. Tony is a registered Karate and Tai Chi teacher, with a 3rd degree Black Belt, giving classes to children and adults. Throughout his adult life he has studied many books on meditation, and the power of the higher self for his own research into creating a sustainable lifestyle of abundance, peace and harmony. 

The Soul Life Website is an expression of what he has learned  throughout his life and is his way of passing on this knowledge to others through his written word and meditative exercises.

The Soul Life Website is not complete. It is an ongoing project where more chapters and meditative exercises will be added over time. Living life with an improved sense of awareness is the only real way forward for anyone wanting to improve themselves by creating more abundance, peace and harmony in their live’s. The journey never comes to an end, because if we are not going forwards , we are going backwards.

Tony Edwards