I am young

The Soul of humankind lives without ageing. The word “old” has no place in a Soul’s vocabulary and so, the Soulful life is youthful, energetic, inspiring, truthful and enquiring. It is a life this is always becoming, where every new day is an opportunity to realise our own individual truth and to bring it forth into our own unique physical reality.

We are all unique, yet we all share the same common truth. And when this truth is discovered, we shall become a unique power that will shape the very fibre of our reality. This truth is discovered in the depths of our being, in a place of stillness and clarity, where the chatter of our mind dissolves away and the light of truth shines through.

When we begin to feel our essence, we begin to understand ourselves and our true identity. This is the secret of staying young. Not only do we need to nourish our physical body with exercise and nutrition, but if we make the effort to to quieten our minds and reprogram ourselves with a paradigm of youth instead of age, then we will unlock the door to health and vitality.

By continuously creating the image and feeling of youth in our mind, we begin to instruct our body to create the actual physical appearance of a youthful person. Ageing is a habit of the subconscious mind that has been programmed by what we see in others and what we continually think. From the day we are born we are told that we are this or that years old. Even a person two years of age is already said to be, “two years old” and so the paradigm of ageing has already been sown into the mind, and whatever we continually think to be true, will eventually become real. The question should rather be, “How young are you?”

The changing of a belief system that actually manifests in our physical reality as the like effect, takes consistent effort of reprogramming the subconscious mind through conscious thinking and deep feeling. If changes are to be made, there needs to be consistent conscious thought pattern accompanied by a similar deep feeling to produce the results desired.

The I am Young Meditation, when practiced regularly enough will being to imprint a new program within your subconscious mind that will over time, actually produce the physical appearance of a more youthful person.

The I am Young Meditation can be practiced on it’s own or in conjunction with any of the other Soul Life Meditations.