Clear Mind

Living a life that is abundant, peaceful and healthy, requires us to demonstrate thoughts and emotions that reflect what we want to manifest in our life. It is not possible to have an ideal life, if we are constantly thinking otherwise. Our thoughts and emotions drive our actions and it is our actions that produce the results we desire.

Our way of thinking is a habit that has been programmed into us from the day we are born. The way we think is a learned behaviour that has been moulded from those closest to us, and from the constant programming we see, watch and listen to. Thinking is a habit that grows roots in our minds and perpetuates itself the same way everyday, from that which we feed it.

A successful gardener or farmer knows that it takes constant work to prepare and maintain a healthy soil, so that when they sow their seeds, and water the growing plants with care and attentiveness, they will produce beautiful flowers and wholesome fruits. 

We are all farmers in our own right, as the soil is our mind, the seeds are our thoughts, the growing plants are our physical body’s and the flowers and harvested fruits are our relationships and the life we live. If we want a garden abundant with healthy plants, wholesome fruits and beautiful flowers we need to make sure that we are doing what it takes to produce what we desire, otherwise we will end up with a garden of weeds instead of roses.

A mind that is over-burdened with worry, regret, despair, anger, jealousy or any other negative thought or emotion will never be able to produce a harmonious life filled with the joy of living. However a mind that is filled with the positivity of joy, peace, self-belief, clarity and ambition will be on the right path to manifesting the soul’s desires and actually living this with increasing measure.

To change our mind, is to reprogram our mind with clarity and calmness so that our inherent intelligence, peace and wisdom can be received. 

Once we have a developed a clear and calm mind, we have cultivated the fertile soil. We will then sow our seeds by constantly thinking the right thoughts, which will grow and develop until the time comes when we can start to harvest and see the fruits of our endeavours. 

Having a clear and calm mind will over time, dissolve away feelings of anxiety, stress, worry and fear, and produce new emotional habits. The physical symptoms of ill-health associated with stressful emotions will disappear, as our central nervous system is directly linked to our endocrine system that produces the hormones that regulate our body functions. As our mind becomes clear and calm, our endocrine system will function better and our central nervous system will become more regulated and begin to function correctly, improving homeostasis and overall body health.

Once we begin to change our minds by imprinting the new program of clarity and calmness, we access our subconscious mind of infinite truth and intelligence. This is where the life of the soul  resides and it is from here that real life filters out into the physical world, bringing a life of health, harmony, peace and abundance.

The Clear Mind Meditation can be practiced on it's own or in conjunction with any of the other Soul Life Meditations.

The easy to follow narration will guide you in such a way that will enable you to develop a clarity and calmness in the centre of you mind. It is from this centre of stillness you will be guided further to access your higher subconscious or universal mind.  

It is important to remember that these exercises are not harmful to anyone in anyway. Do not expect instant miracles, but do acknowledge the changes in the way you feel, and the clarity of mind and insight that you will receive as your continue in earnest day by day, week after week and year after year.