Perfect Health

Being physically healthy is indispensable if we want to feel happy and well. Our body is an incredibly intelligent, self-regulating system; and as long as we provide it with the right conditions, our body will perform its functions properly.

To provide and maintain the right environment for the body to perform its’ functions properly, it is important to look after our body’s systems. These include; the endocrine system, muscular system, skeletal system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, circulatory system, skin and Integumentary system, immune and lymphatic system, nervous system and the urinary system. 

It is important to know what we should be doing on a daily basis to support our body’s functions.

We need to keep active with exercises that utilise the whole body in movements that will stimulate the blood circulation and respiration while using our co-ordination skills that encourage the use of the mind by concentrating on the exercise that is at hand. The exercise should encourage an upright posture to help maintain a healthy nervous system.

Another important part of physical health is to keep the body limber. Flexibility within the muscles reduces tension within the artery and capillary systems. This helps to regulate the blood circulation, which in turn reduces tension on the heart and improves nourishment to the internal organs thereby reducing the risk of ill-health and dis-ease.

A healthy and moderate diet of wholesome foods, that are processed as little as possible will provide the body with plenty of nutrients for cellular respiration so that the body has enough energy. Drink enough water, about one glass of water for every 10kg of body weight every day to help flush out toxins from the body and regulate the body’s pH.

Good breathing habits are essential for providing our body with enough oxygen for cellular respiration that breaks down food to produce the energy for the body. Retrain your breathing habits by practicing the Energising Breath Meditation.

Emotional and mental well-being are vital to good physical health. Feeling calm and relaxed reduces tension in the  body and improves the functioning of the body systems, such as the endocrine system, which is responsible for producing the hormones in the glands. Glands such as the thyroid and adrenal will function better thereby allowing our body to be more capable of maintain a state of homeostasis and being more resilient against dis-ease and stressful situations.

Practicing the Clear Mind Meditation daily will have a calming effect on your mental and emotional behaviour. This in-turn will improve the functioning of your physical body systems and the unhealthy symptoms associated with nervousness and anxiety will subside. This is because the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, which are important in the functioning of the central nervous system are located in the middle of the head more or less in between the ears, and so when the Clear Mind Meditation is practiced the functioning of the nervous system is enhanced, thereby helping to reduce the symptoms associated with nervousness and anxiety.

The Perfect Health Meditation is a way of accessing your blue print of well-being. When practiced often enough, this program of wellness will become your body’s new constitution for well-being and the old patterns or paradigms of ill-health will be replaced with a new idea of perfect health.

The Perfect Health Meditation can be practiced on it's own or in conjunction with any of the other Soul Life Meditations.