Abundance is everyone’s right and we should all be living life abundantly. Abundance is an effect that comes from the inner feeling of self-belief and self-worth. We receive everything through the law of attraction. A person who believes in themselves, who has ideals and sets goals, works hard and expects that which they desire, will one day receive all that they dream of and often even more.

True abundance is the result that is driven by a cause, which adds value to life in one way or another, and its effect comes though the application of our talents, hard work and resourcefulness. Abundance is a process, it is an active relationship within ourselves and those around us, whereby the act of living in harmony will produce the highest results that we are looking for.

Abundance is an energy that we will create. We will create a clear, calm, and positive energy through the meditative exercises in this website and then direct this energy with our mental intentions.

The meditative exercises in this website have been designed to enhance the vibrational frequencies of our physical, mental and emotional systems. As we gain momentum with our practice of the carefully designed Soul Life Meditations, we will begin to feel and act differently. We will begin to gain ground everyday until the act of living life becomes the goal itself. This is the underlying art in the creation of abundance.

If we feel that our lives’ are not moving forward in the right direction, or we feel confused and frustrated, first we will need to clear our mind of unnecessary thoughts and emotions to allow our inner wisdom to guide us and show us the way forward. This is the path of finding our Soul Purpose, so that we may use our gifts and talents that we all posses for the enrichment of our world. This is our life long journey, and by living this path with awareness of the present moment, we are able to see life’s opportunities and receive the abundance that comes from living such a wonderful life.

The Abundance Meditation can be practiced on it’s own or in conjunction with any of the other Soul Life Meditations.