Perfect Poise

What we are  on the surface, the person we present to the world everyday, is a product of what we constantly think and believe ourselves to be. For many of the initial years of our live’s, we are in the beginning phases of defining our ego, and trying to figure out how we fit into the world. From birth we are programmed by our family, by those close to us and the society that we live in. Our minds and our beliefs are programmed by what we see everyday and what we are told.  We believe who and what we are, how things work and why they work the way they do as a result of external suggestions and programming. This can be incredibly insightful and encouraging, but it can also retard our growth and lead us into believing many untruths.

The majority of educational paradigms teach us that knowledge is “out there” and that we learn things by learning from what other people have already discovered. Education or learning is a life-long process. Besides learning from existing paradigms, educational models should encourage people to learn and think for themselves. We have all realised at some stage of our lives that we learn many things by just doing something, we learn new ways and new truths through experience. It is for this reason we realise that true education comes through ourselves or from within ourselves. This being true, we should encourage and support people to realise that they can question anything and find out the answers for themselves.

This is a process of self-understanding, whereby we learn about who and what we truly are. It is through the understanding of who we really are, that we will realise our own true worth, power and potential. This understanding should be brought into our physical reality by the doing of life, which will allow us to bring about more peace, harmony and abundance. Otherwise life remains theoretical and we could feel frustrated and unaccomplished. 

We can only move forward from where we are at this present moment. Our goal, in this endeavour should be to bring  about more harmony between ourselves and those that we share our daily experiences with. This harmony should be backed by our own inner poise, which comes from being a calm and powerful person. Poise may come naturally to some people, depending on their upbringing, but it is also something that can be continually developed through the right exercises. 

When we are calm and relaxed, our system will remain in a state of harmony and we will not waste energy, allowing the process of homeostasis to be maintained and our body to remain healthy. It is through a temperamental or highly strung emotional behaviour that our body’s system of homeostasis is interfered with, resulting in ill-health and dis-ease. 

Confusion, disbelief and fear will lead us away from our own true centre of being, which is a place health, peace and abundance.

If we are going to be our own person, if we are going to live a life that is positive, constructive and healthy, then we need to live our own destiny and not be in the hands of fate. We will need to develop a strong character and a strong will to be able to work through the challenges of life and turn what may be seen as a  problem into an actual opportunity. 

We need a strong faith and sense of knowing that what we are doing is backed by an incredibly powerful force that will overcome any obstacle as long as we set out to finish what we started. When we discover this centre of true power, our lives will become a snowball of opportunity and abundance, developing daily as we show our worth to the world by applying ourselves in the best way that we know how.

There are many ways that will lead us to discover and realise our own true source of truth and power. True power is peaceful, and true peace is powerful. And when the two are combined we become a living force that can do anything. Not by forcing our intentions onto others but by living in a state of harmony so that life unfolds before us and we embrace the opportunities that life gives us. We know that everything happens for our best and so we realise the act of resisting will set us back rather than lead us forward.

This centre of peace and power, is greater than any problem, and when we live from this centre of intelligence, our life will be full of the abundance, peace, health, and all that dreams are made of.  It is from this centre, that the above qualities will be discovered in increasing measure.

Our work then is to live continuously in the present moment embracing what has been given to us by doing the best that we know how, one moment at a time. Connecting to our own source should be accompanied by connecting to the universal source which is present in all life. By connecting with the universal source we become aware of the universal relationship that all of life shares and we realise that our individual thoughts and actions send ripples through the cosmos, and the goodness that we sow always comes back to us. 

The Perfect Poise meditation will allow you to become connected to your own true centre of power and potential as well as that of the universal. This meditation can be practiced on it’s own or in conjunction with any of the other Soul Life Meditations.