There is a way to create this upward and forever advancing new life. This truth is not new to Humankind,  it has always been available and accessible to everyone.  Available to anyone, whoever you may be, whatever your age or circumstances. But it has been lost in the educational books and teachings that are concerned with the mechanical view of how the world works and the laws that govern the forces that determine the outcome of the physical events that we encounter in everyday life. We have made incredible discoveries in science and technology, engineering, productivity and medicine which has moved Humankind forward in many ways. However the majority of our population still live a life that is unusually stressful in so many ways; filled with uncertainty, disbelief, dis-ease, crisis, dependency, sadness, confusion, worry, debt, ill-health and lack thereof.

It is time to create a new understanding of how we relate to each other, of how we relate to ourselves, and how we relate to the universal intelligence that permeates all of life in all its’ wonders of creation. We will need to reexamine who we are and how we live our lives if we are going to make the changes that will create the life that we are so deeply looking for but have been unsure of how to create so far. Many of us are either consciously or unconsciously doing this already. The writings and exercises within this website will awaken this knowledge as you apply the methods and principles that are herein described.

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